Forthcoming Speakers

   Speakers for monthly meetings. September 2017-June 2108

Date                                Speaker                                Topic



February 19th            Chris Marsh                                                           The life of Rabindranath Tagore

Chris is a member of Dawlish U3A and an active participant of the Great Lives group.  She has written a very interesting book about this remarkable man and has also presented fascinating information about to the Great Lives group.     Chris has volunteered to reach out to a wider audience and I am sure you will enjoy her talk.


March 19th            Charlie Palmer                                                             Dowsing

Dowsing is an activity that involves searching for underground water streams and identifying ley lines, a form of magnetic energy often using a forked stick.     Charlie will give us an exposition about how it works and what value it has


April 16th TBA


May 21st AGM

No speaker is planned for the AGM however this is an opportunity for us to reflect on the past year and think about developments for 2018-2019.



June 18th                       Anita Edgar                                        India’s lost Children

July 16th                         Brian Hollingsworth                     Hearing Dogs

August 20th TBA

September 17th                Andy Watkins                                           C.A.B.

October 15th                      John Polley                                              London’s  New River

November 19th                 Graham Carey                                         Moldova

Graham & his wife were former Officers in the Salvation Army, Graham is fluent in a number of languages & this helped to propel him to different parts of the World.

December 17th                               Christmas Festivities ,songs & a quiz