Dawlish & District u3a Interest Groups

The u3a has an informal style of learning with meetings organised by each interest group. The content and method of delivery of information are agreed by consensus of the members.  Most interest groups meet in each other’s homes, and larger groups often rent premises suitable for their needs.

Each group has one or more group leaders who are the liaison between the group and the Committee, and who are available to advise new members on the group details. There is a Groups Co-ordinator who makes sure that, if at all possible, group meeting times do not overlap thereby enabling members to join more groups.

Many groups meet once per month, some bi-weekly, and some weekly.  The meeting frequency is decided by the individual groups to suit their needs.

Currently Dawlish & District u3a has many interest groups, a few of those having large membership. There are a number of smaller groups that have space for new members.   Join up by contacting the Secretary via the Contact Us page or attending a monthly meeting at the Manor House, Old Town Street, Dawlish.

If you are interested in starting a new interest group then this document will give you an idea of what is involved.  The Dawlish & District u3a Committee very much welcomes suggestions for new groups.  The Groups Coordinator is there to support you and can be contacted via email: enquiries@u3a.dawlish.info.

For the latest news from our interest groups please see our interest group news.

Current Interest Groups: