In Our Own Write – September 2022

Our last meeting was held on Monday 12th September and again due to illness there were only three of us. However it was again a fun occasion.

Our topic was “Losing the plot” and it was interesting to see how each story was so different.

We had a very descriptive narrative about the impact on a community of allotment holders when the council decided to take the land for housing so they were literally losing their plot.

Then there was the autobiographical account of receiving a phone call from a family member two weeks before her wedding asking how the wedding cake was progressing with no immediate recollection of ever offering to make one!

Finally a lady of a certain age working her way through her bucket list and aiming to throw her knickers on the stage at a Tom Jones concert being held at Powderham Castle.

Due to holidays our next meeting will not be until the 14th November when the topic will be “As darkness falls …”.

Travina White, Convenor