Adventure group – Archery report

Such was the demand for our latest adventure that we had to arrange four separate groups for archery at Ashcombe Adventure.  We’ll come to the scores later but first we hear from Carolyn Hartley, one of our newest group members,  about her experience:

“I was definitely outside my comfort zone on arrival.  Once we had our welcome talk from Justin and explanation of the rules etc and technique I was looking forward to having a go!  Even though I had signed the consent form I was beginning to wonder if it might affect the muscles in  my neck but in the end I had nothing to worry about!

I hadn’t realised how much technique there was.  I kept forgetting to put my three fingers in the right place (which had been noticed by Justin) for some reason but managed a couple of “bulls eyes” (not quite but near enough the centre).  As the session went on I felt more confident and I must say I did manage to pop a balloon at the end!

It was great to meet my fellow archers.  Justin was a great teacher and told us a lot about the sport which I did not know.

Thank you again for organising it all and look forward to my next adventure!”

Thank you for this Caroline and we will all look forward to sharing many more adventures with you!

Now for those scores… drum roll please…

Group 1: Barry, Carolyn, Dave W, George, and Mike S – Group score: 154; Winner (after shoot-off): Barry

Group 2: Ann, Graham, June, Margaret and Tony – Group score: 144; Winner: June

Group 3: Deborah (who has blogged about her experience here), Geoff, Mary, Michael and Richard – Group score 143; Winner: Richard

Group 4: Jack, Jane, Jim, Kerry and Sheila – Group score 150; Winner (after shoot-off): Sheila

So overall, the winning group was Group 1 and the highest individual scorers were Barry, Dave, Jack and Sheila, each with 33 points.  Well done all of you!

Our next adventure will be the RIB ride in October and then our trip to the Manor House hotel in November.  Bookings are now closed for these but look out for December’s adventure: hopefully Sequence dancing.