Board with Beer – new group starting

Bored with TV. Why not try, “Board with Beer”?

I propose to start a new group for those that would like to spend a quiet hour or two playing chess, or similar board games, in one of Dawlish’s pubs or beer gardens, from time to time.

I envisage this group more as a list of interested persons, who share contact details and use a group email.

Members would post on the group email, what games they would like to play and any preferences on times and dates. Members can then contact each other to arrange to play at mutually convenient times and venues, probably in groups or two and four persons.

The main focus would be on two player board games, such as chess or draughts, accompanied with the occasional beer. Other board games and beverages are available.

Personally, I would mostly like to play chess or backgammon. My standard of chess is very low and I only just about know the basics of backgammon. Grand Masters need not apply.

I see this group as casually playing a variety of games at very basic levels, with the possibility of spin off groups arising later that concentrate more seriously on one game only.

Group members could suggest any other games. Cribbage has already been put forward.

If you are interested, please contact me via

I will be available to discuss the idea on Thursday 19 May at the Tea & Chat meeting in the Riverside Centre and would hope to start the group soon after.

Please come along and give me your ideas.

Barry Baker.