Quiz group – July/August 2022

After a three week break the quizzers met on two consecutive Mondays; 18th and 25th July.

The first quiz evening saw those gathered racking their brain to answer questions on Mythology, In the Navy, Reds, Fight or flight, Assassinations and General Knowledge.

Three teams played their joker in the Reds round, ensuring that the score was the highest. This was closely followed by In the Navy. However, Mythology was not a hit with people and believe or not the lowest score was on General Knowledge. No idea why, as you would know who or what suffers from crib biting.

The Mythology round touched on Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology, including a question about which celestial body was known as Hesperus, God of the evening star. The Assassination round was a bloody affair as we relived shootings, stabbings, car bombs. Can you remember which President was shot whilst reviewing a military parade in October 1981?

On 25th July the subjects were less gruesome. As well as General Knowledge, the teams answered questions on  Africa, the BBC, Colourful, Composers and UK seaside locations.

The General knowledge round was far better than the previous week and due to the jokers played, the Colourful round had the best score. We spoke about ‘A whiter shade of pale’ and what a great record that was, recorded by Procol Harum in 1967.

The Africa round was a good one with almost everyone knowing where Timbuktu is. The BBC was not exactly everyone’s cup of tea (no comments) but the score was reasonable. The weakest links were Composers and UK seaside locations. The composition  ‘Country Gardens’ is well known but what was the name of the composer ?

I challenged the quizzers to take their bucket and spade to visit some of the places I mentioned. Would you have known in which county is located Ingoldmells, Dovercourt or St. Margarets at Cliffe?

Despite the Summer  months the quiz group continues to hold its own and a lot of banter and heckling of the Quizmaster takes place. Overall, all good fun!

The quiz group will meet again on 8th and 22nd August,  then on the 5th and 26th September.

Graham Carey, Convenor and Quizmaster