New Board Games group

It has been agreed that a new Board Games group is setting up for u3a members. It is for those who would like to spend a quiet hour or two playing various board and card games, without the pressure of having to be very good at them.

The group is to be more of a register or list of interested persons, so that members can contact each other making their own meeting and game arrangements, these participants will agree to share contact details.

Group members can contact each other to arrange to play at mutually convenient times and venues, probably in groups or two and four persons.

The group will host an open games table every month at the Tea & Chat meeting in the Manor House Riverside centre.

I see this group as casually playing a wide variety of games with members arranging their own games and venues most of the time. Many of these games (Chess, Cribbage, Backgammon, Draughts, Dominos, etc.)  are all well suited the being played in public houses, with no need to pre book or pay for a room. What’s more, there is a plentiful supply of refreshments (OK Beer in my case).

It’s likely that some regular game times and venues will emerge, but I am hoping that there is also room for some spontaneity.

If you are interested, please contact me via or join us at any of the Tea & Chat meetings in the Riverside Centre.

Barry Baker, Convenor.