Introducing Beacon

With the risk of online hacking amongst other scams on the increase, the committee made the decision to investigate a more secure way of holding members personal data.

After lengthy discussions with the Beacon Team at the u3a National Office, we have recently migrated our data over to Beacon, the u3a’s national database. This is a far more secure way of holding members personal information and in time, members will be able to access their own personal details. No other record of members personal data will be held by any committee member.

The information we hold is what you supplied on the application form. The one addition will be Gift Aid which when renewing or joining our u3a, each member will have the option if they do pay tax to tick the relevant box.

Many of you who have come from another u3a or are an Associate member will already have experience of Beacon.

We will keep all members updated as this progresses.

Any questions or concerns, please contact

Kate McCarthy

Membership Secretary