Scrabble Board

Meetings will be held at 6, Town Mills, Church Street, Dawlish, EX7 9QP on the first and fourth Mondays of the month, from 2 to 4 PM, but be advised that from experience sessions frequently over run by half an hour or so.
We will normally play two games of about an hour, with a break for refreshments half way through.
An A4 sheet of all the two letter words that are recognised by the Scrabble Club dictionary, plus some of the three letter words involving Q and Z will be provided. Players decide mutually whether to play by strict rules: i.e. not using dictionaries, but challenging words that you do not recognise; or to play by looking up words. (From experience most people seem to prefer the latter). Either way the use of anagram solvers is contrary to the spirit of the game. We do not time players moves as this is inimical to the social aspect of the game.
Lastly, it is considered etiquette to bring your own scrabble set, but as most games are played either in pairs or threes that would mean at having at least double the number of sets required!

Please don’t be deterred by either any lack of experience, or the fact that you don’t own a scrabble set.

Just come and have fun. It’s only a game.

Contact: George Lipscomb via the secretary at: