Adventure group – Segwaying photos and group meeting

This month’s adventure took us back to Haldon Forest, this time to go Segwaying.  We began our training by getting a feeling for the movement of the Segway (wobbly), then moved on to travelling forwards (toes down) and stopping (heels down).  Next came turning.  Unlike a bicycle, on a Segway you have to slide the handlebars from side to side to change direction – not a natural action for most of us!

Now fully trained, we set off on an accompanied tour through the forest.  The big chunky-wheeled off-road Segways felt much steadier than the ones we’d trained on, so all went well.  There were a couple of close encounters with trees but we all arrived back in one piece.

If you think the Adventure group may be right up your street then do come along to our next group meeting at the Manor House on Friday 13th May at 2:30pm.  There’ll be a chance to see photos of our last few adventures and choose our summer activities. If you are thinking of coming then it would be helpful if you could let me know via Thanks.

Miggie Pickton, Convenor