Welcome to the u3a coffee Zoom

We’ve had a great suggestion for meeting up via Zoom to share informal chat in small groups (of six?). I don’t know about you, but I’ve become used to seeing people only from the neck up, so perhaps there could be a competition each time to guess who’s still wearing their pyjama bottoms?

For Zooms to happen we need volunteers to host the events, which will involve sending out the invitations and admitting everyone into the meeting. It doesn’t mean that you’re responsible for entertaining the troops, just keeping them in order.

If you’d like to host an event but feel a bit uncertain about how to do so, help is always available. If you’re not used to Zoom, joining a meeting is very easy, you just need to have the Zoom app loaded onto your device.

Please get in touch with me (via enquiries@u3a.dawlish.info) if you’d like to share time with your u3a friends (and maybe people you’ve not yet met).

Anne Whitehead
Groups Co-ordinator