U3A get-together on the Lawn

Are you missing your U3A friends?  Would you like to join them for a drink and a natter?  Starting from Monday 3rd August you’ll have the chance to get together with other U3A members in a safe and socially-distanced way.

What: Socially distanced get-together for all Dawlish and District U3A members.

Where: Near the bandstand on the Lawn, Dawlish.

When:  The next meeting is from 2pm to 3.30pm on Monday August 17th, weather permitting.

How:  Bring your own chair and drink (or get a coffee from one of our lovely cafes) and meet up in a well-spaced group of up to six U3A members.  There’s plenty of room on the Lawn so we can have multiple groups of six, appropriately separated. We all want to keep safe.

Who: All Dawlish and District U3A members are very welcome.

Note: in order to comply with government guidelines which state that groups should not exceed six people from multiple households, members will be expected to remain in their groups of six and not interact with other groups.

This event has been Risk Assessed and passed by the Committee.

To help you to decide whether to attend, the key points from the Risk Assessment are:

  • Non-members will not be able to join the meeting unless they are providing assistance to a member for mobility or other reasons.
  • The Dawlish & District U3A banner will identify clearly which part of the Lawns the gathering will take place.
  • The names of those attending will be maintained in case there is a need to ‘track and trace’.
  • You are responsible for your own travel arrangements and the provision of any medication you may require.
  • If there are too many other people not associated with Dawlish & District U3A on the Lawns to make the event run as intended, the organisers will advise members to disperse.
  • Distances will be maintained between members (i.e. two metres if possible but no less than one metre otherwise)
  • Use of face masks will be a matter for your own judgement
  • You are advised to bring your own hand sanitiser.
  • The only toilets available will be the public facilities in the vicinity of the Lawns.
  • Bring your own seats or blankets. Plus your own refreshments, and utensils.  You should not share.