Remember to renew your membership

To all members:

It is that time of year when your U3A membership renewal for 2021/2022 is now due.

Whilst we appreciate this has not been the best of years with many restrictions in place, many of our Groups have by hook or by crook managed to keep in touch.  We do know this has not always been possible for everyone due to Shielding or Self Isolating.

Subscription remains the same at £15 for full membership, or, if you are a member of another u3a, subscription is £10.

Hopefully, with this as promised to be our last lockdown, we will be meeting up again in our groups, plus, there are plans for an Open Day later in the year.  Don’t forget we are also asking for suggestions for new groups and there have already been some exciting discussions.

To renew your subscription please click on “how to join” and the first paragraph advises what you have to do to renew your membership.

For any new members, the instructions are the same as above.

Any of you that have any queries, or would prefer to have these instructions printed off, please don’t hesitate to contact me via

Our thanks as always for your continued support as without our members we would not be able to continue.

Hopefully we will be meeting up on the Lawn by midsummer.

Best wishes

Kate McCarthy

Membership Secretary