Literature Group – September 2021

We enjoyed a lively meeting in August to discuss our latest book written by Erica Swyler – The Book of Speculation. We were also pleased to welcome back one of our members after several months respite due to lockdown.

The book is best described as one of mystery, magic, fantasy, family ties and the symbolic links between past and present. The chapters alternating between the 18th century and the present day.

The story begins when Simon, a young librarian receives a mysterious antique book from an antiquated bookseller who had bought it on speculation, but who felt it was  meant for Simon. It follows the lives of two doomed lovers, travelling circuses, tarot cards, the power of water and family roots.

The group had very mixed reviews, from “ hating” to “endorsing” it, with others being rather undecided – appreciative of some aspects and characters, but generally feeling the gloom and the dark fantasy were overwhelming. We had a very interesting discussion on Tarot readings and Clairvoyants, which led to some fascinating personal stories. However we all agreed it was an enjoyable meeting.

We finished by discussing the forthcoming U3A Open Day and our input and promotion of our successful group.

Margaret Cunningham