Poetry Group

Hi everyone
I’m so pleased that there were several people interested in the above and hope to see as many of you as possible on Friday 11 August at 2pm.
We can discuss the nuts and bolts of running the group when we meet, but to start us off I thought we could look at Ted Hughes. I find the “Poem Hunter” site a good one for browsing.
Perhaps  you could choose a poem (or two) that you like and bring it along, and it would be helpful if you could bring a few copies so we don’t have to share.It might be helpful if you tell me in advance which poems you will bring, so I can find and download them in case we need more copies printing off.
The address is 13 Coryton Close
To get to Coryton Close:
Go along Brunswick Place, out of town towards the Barton Hill car park
Turn left at the end and go uphill, past Plantation Terrace, and Coryton Close is the next left.
Number 13 is at the far end, right hand side.