** The history group is currently suspended.

Members take it in turn to present a topic of their own choice and we range far and wide in our interests. Suffragettes, Shipwrecks, Slavery have been addressed. The Great Western Railway, The History of Postcards and All Our Yesterdays have been three other topics. The list goes on. We also re-visited The Festival of Britain.

Discussion during and after the presentation is always lively and fun. There is no obligation to do a presentation. There are enough of us who enjoy doing it to keep us going.

It is up to members of the group, and u3a members who wish to join the group, to suggest topics of interest or places to visit; and all suggestions will be welcomed.

New members are welcome, but numbers are limited, so please get in contact first.

Find out more about the History Group in our History Group News.

Group meetings are usually held monthly on the 3rd Thursday
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Location: TBC
Convenor: TBC
Contact email: enquiries@u3a.dawlish.info or via our Contact form

There is no cost for this group but a small contribution for refreshments is appreciated.