Creative Writing – November 2020

Image source: Allan warren, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

We did remarkably well at the last meeting despite the fact that no-one owned up to ever having read Barbara Cartland. We’d been challenged to write a story in the style of the acknowledged Queen of Bodice Ripping, and after several exchanges of emails saying we were struggling, inspiration arrived.

Once we’d loosened our corsets we really got stuck in. We had the intriguing Charles Ferguson’s encounter with that minx, Thomasina, a slew of Camillas (none of whom were better than they should be), men with crinkly blue eyes and even more rumpled intentions and at one stage we encountered burning, melting flesh. Thanks to Barbara for setting our feet on a thoroughly enjoyable path.

There’s something about the writing group that enables us to step outside our normal lives and use our imagination in so many directions, and I must admit that this session made me wonder about what goes on in the minds of these respectable u3a members……….

Anne Whitehead